INSPIRED BuY...fresh & fancy farms

exciting news!  fresh & fancy farms opens this weekend! 

i'm thrilled to have the opportunity to help my dear friend, meg low, prepare for the launch.  we'll be painting, creating and brainstorming (while drinking lots of coffee & listening to cheery tunes through these fresh speakers) for the next two days.

some things i packed/wish i packed for my long weekend at the farm:

1. hemp rucksack - infusion
2. wayfarers - rayban
3. suspender chinos - levi's
4. polaroid camera - the impossible project
5. hat - gap (last year)
6. rain boots - hunter
7. apron - pier 1
8. handkerchief - the hill-side (via hickorees)

stay fresh, stay fancy

oh, and if you want to make your mom smile this mother's day, pick up some flowers from fresh & fancy farms and make her these scrumptious waffles!

(also see farmer girl post)

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