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my dear friend meg recently bought a farm in bergen county, n.j.  the land is wonderful.  there's an historic home, a greenhouse and a small barn on the property, but my favorite part is the tiny stream that divides the field.  meg plans to grow veggies, flowers and herbs but, for those of you who know meg, you KNOW this farm won't be typical.  she has an imagination like no one i've ever met and has grand plans for this lovely space she's recently acquired.

the farm's soft-opening is this coming mother's day weekend - i will keep you posted with details as i hear about them!

meg (the modern farmer) is the inspiration for this post, and here are some of the things i think she'll want (need) when she's working on the farm:
1. patagonia jacket for those rainy days
2. ethel's gardening gloves to keep your hands looking dainty
3. jcrew straw hat for fashionable sun protection
4. jcrew gingham skirt why not?!
5. jagger edge iphone cover because the modern farmer most definitely has an iphone
6. hunter rainboots for trudging through the dirt (and looking cute while doing it)
7. levi's overalls because every farmer needs a pair of overalls
8. cath kidston garden kneeler to protect your overalls from grass stains
9. jcrew chambray shirt because it's a must have for everyone this season
10. anthropologie watering can how cute!  that's all i have to say about this
11. marc jacobs daisy so you can smell like flowers on or off the farm!
12. jcrew cargo shorts because they're comfy and i just love the color

also, here are some photos of meg's farm:

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