INSPIRED BuY...aztec print shorts

if any of you follow me on twitter, you know that i have an OBSESSION with aztec print shorts.  funny thing is, i have NO idea where this obsession came from.  so i tried to figure it out:

from '08-'09, i wouldn't go ANYWHERE without my white denim cutoff shorts.
in the summer of 2010 i incorporated medium wash denim cutoffs, a pair of silky shorts & brought back a pair with a camo/jungle print (circa 2002).

as summer ended i couldn't fathom 6 months sans shorts!  this led to the year-round shorts obsession (paired with tights, of course).

i started with my denim cutoffs.  next i pulled an old pair of wool herringbone shorts out of my closet. and THEN things began to get out of control when i purchased a pair of sequined shorts.

I figured I'd wear them once (new years eve) but they became my weekend go-to!  i actually wore them 4 times this winter, and will probably get one more wear out of them!

so, anyway, back to aztec shorts.  when i was looking through spring 2011 runway shows i saw a lot of colored and printed shorts.  i'd also been seeing a lot of navajo&aztec prints on the street (sweaters, bags, jackets, etc).  i LOVE shorts (clearly) and i LOVE navajo&aztec prints, so in my mind i decided i somehow needed to find a combo of the two.

I guess my thinking isn't THAT out there, and i'm not the ONLY one who's coveting aztec print shorts, because after some investigation, i found these (yay!):

1. dolce vita 2. tibi 3. stolen girlfriend's club 4. ann taylor loft 5. topshop

my favorites are the tibi and the topshop, but i have a feeling there will be a lot more options this summer!

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