INSPIRED BuY...summer music festivals (2011 version)

music festivals are my favorite summertime events.  i don't know what could be much better than long weekends filled with music, music lovers, camping out, sunshine, and the opportunity to wear anything (i mean, ANYTHING- yikes!) your little heart desires.

this year i'm heading to DMB's northeast festival, which is in late June (i think this will be my 35th time seeing the dave matthews band live.  madness).  The rest of the line-up hasn't been announced yet, but i'm hoping it'll be good!

i also want to make it to bonnaroo in manchester, tn which is the first weekend in June.  the lineup is pretty eclectic and sweet.  just to get an idea, here are the headliners: eminem, buffalo springfield, widespread panic & arcade fire.  awesome.

anyway, packing for music festivals can be tricky, especially if you've never been to one.  here are some of my must haves:

1. burt's bees sun protecting lip balm - burt's bees lip balm is amazing, and burnt lips are the worst
2. pendleton blanket: something to sit on so you don't ruin your over-priced but beautiful sundress
3. luna bars: so you don't have to lose your amazing spot, right in front of the stage, when you get hungry
4. disposable flask: because sometimes you don't want magic hat or frozen margaritas in giant plastic cups
5. taste nirvana coconut water: hydrates better than water, tastes amazing, and is only 50 calories
6. leyendecker maxi dress: because it's just so lovely
7. ray ban wayfarers: sun protection + timeless style
8. will leather goods backpacks: you need a bag to carry whatever you need for the day that isn't annoying to hold; a backpack or cross body bag will do the trick
9. kiehls super fluid uv defense lotion: because if you get a sunburn you will not be a happy camper for the following 3 days.
10. ecousable filtered water bottle: you'll be drinking lots of water, and sometimes the source of the water is questionable
11. rainbow leather sandals (break them in before you go): they may not be the trendiest sandal out there, but i walked 13 miles to a festival in these puppies and my feet were totally fine.  sometimes comfort > coolness. sometimes.

here's another great "festival essentials" list.


  1. Love the post! And the new blog look!

  2. Thanks! I'm buying that dress today and i'm super excited about it!

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  4. I like the new look of your blog Meg. Keep up the good work.

    - S