INSPIRED BuY...classic kicks

buying a new pair of shoes (or uhh, 3 new pairs of shoes) is my favorite way to update my wardrobe for a new season.  so, since the warm weather is at our fingertips (hopefully) and it'll soon be time to pack away our boots to make room for summer footwear, i'm officially declaring this "shoe week" on the blog.  get excited!  

I'll showcase some of this season's trends and some of my personal favorites, but i'm kicking it all off with the originals.  

you probably own/have owned a pair by one of the brands featured below; maybe they're tucked away in an attic or in a box under your bed at your parents' house.  if that's the case, i highly recommend that you re-incorporate them into your wardrobe.  they've probably felt neglected for the past 10 (or so), show them some love!

1. bass saddle shoes: a re-useable piece of your catholic school uniform.
2. dr. scholl's: this doc was known for more than "odor eaters" back in the day.
3. ugglebo: the swedes know how to make a mean clog.
4. kork-ease: the original platform sandal.  so hip this season.
5. keds: casual sneaks that both you & your grandma love.
6. birkenstock (gizeh): a cool comfort shoe?!  thank you, mr. birkenstock!
7. sperry top-siders: super versatile; wear with cropped pants, shorts, & skirts.
8. clarks desert boots: a perfect winter->spring or summer->fall transition shoe.
9. pf flyers: a personal favorite of benny "the jet" rodriguez.

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