INSPIRED BuY...backpacks

i've been really into backpacks lately.  well, i guess i've been really into backpacks ALWAYS.  some of you may remember the massive l.l. bean that i used to tote around in high school (and, err, college).  and if you've known me for even longer, you may remember my tigger backpack (yikes).

backpacks are so practical - they make it easy to carry a lot of stuff, plus your hands are free!  and since the backpack is the bag silhouette of the year,  there are so many cool ones to choose from!

some of my faves:

  epperson    fjällräven   j.crew      jansport     epperson
  infusion    o'hanlon     o'hanlon    herschel      all-son
  ll bean       will        will     free people    jansport
   roxy        dusen        ecote       baggu         baggu 


  1. this may just be my FAVORITE POST!!!! ahhh I want them ALL

  2. thanks meg! i want them all too! they are all so amazing i can't even decide which one(s) to buy!!