INSPIRED BuY...hudson's bay company

here's a collection of goods dressed in hudson's bay company signature stripes.  these guys are the kings of collaboration, and their branding is so classic and versatile that the stripes work on just about anything.  i've been to the manhattan vintage clothing show twice in the past year, and hbc's goods were in attendance both times but the prices were out of control.  i'm determined to find a blanket or blanket coat for a reasonable price, so i'll be scouring ebay and vintage stores until i do!

sidenote...i think hbc needs to do a collaboration with vans or toms shoes, pronto!

1. pillow sham - hbc x woolrich
2. axe - hbc x best made
3. duffel bag - hbc x klaxon howl (fall 2011 collaboration)
4. snowboard - hbc x burton
5. blanket - pendelton
6. travel mug - pendelton
7. blanket coat - hbc x smythe (2009 collaboration)
8. canoe - hbc x langford

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