INSPIRED BuY...the contents of my bag - part 1

your bag (and it's contents) can reveal a lot about your personality.  are you a minimalist? brand-loyal? prepared for anything?  tech savvy?  organized?  always hungry?  you get it...

i've been DYING for a new bag because my favorite brown leather & canvas tote has seen better days.  i have my eye on this little red guy, but a bag is a pretty major commitment.  it's something that i'll have with me always, so it needs to be the right look, the right size, and comfortable to carry.  lately i've just been throwing everything into a tote, but i'd definitely prefer to have a nice new leather bag that i love, so i need to do some shopping around.

my desire for a new bag inspired this 2 part series.  

part one, pictured below, shows what's currently in my bag.  part two will show what i'd like to have in my bag.

after checking out what's pictured below, you'll probably get that i'm a music-lover who should be living in brooklyn.  i like comfort (based on the bag choice), and i'm fairy organized (i clean out my bag every night).

concert tickets: every time i have a concert to go to i triple check that i've packed my tickets (because i once forgot them at home and it was a bit of a dilemma.  thank gosh for my wOnderful parents who drove them to me).
smartphone: an essential tool for a blogger / fashionista.
notebook and fun pen: i paste business cards in my notebook and write notes to remember info about the person/business.  i also like to doodle and write down random nonsense.
ipod and sony earbuds: to brighten up my commute.
keys: i've definitely forgotten these before too (thanks again for getting my out of this situation, fam).
energy bar: to keep me going during an afternoon on the run.
tide to go: without fail, every time i wear white, i spill coffee on myself.
flower clutch: i throw all of my smaller belongings in here so they're easier to find in my giant bag.
burts bees: i'm addicted.
leather wallet: lots of space for cards and things to help me stay organized.

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