INSPIRED BuY...the contents of my bag - part 2

as i said in the previous post, i've been dreaming about the red jcrew edie purse for some time now.  however, i have/want way too much stuff so i'm not sure how practical that medium-sized bag would be for me.

so i decided to start looking around for something a little roomier and i came across this leather tote. this would be a great update to the canvas "brooklyn flea" bag i've been carrying around all summer.

here are some things i'd like to tote around with me everyday:

madewell leather transport tote - stylish, comfy carry-all
klean kanteen water bottle - attempting to ween myself off of plastic water bottles
concert tickets 
koh-i-noor rapidomatic mechanical pencil
rite-in-the-rain waterproof notebook
dreamcatcher keychain 
drifter pouch
ipad 2 with vers wooden case
fuji x100 camera - looks vintage, but it's a new digital camera and it takes awesome photos.  i want.  check out my co-worker justin's flickr set of x100 photos here.
iphone 4 and sony earbuds
kiehls no-shine lip balm
kate spade wallet - love the color
tide-to-go - some things never change

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