INSPIRED BuY...geek chic

i've always wanted to wear eyeglasses.  i've purchased and rocked many a faux pair, but i always felt a little silly wearing them since they didn't really serve a purpose.  i've recently noticed that i have trouble seeing street signs, and that powerpoint presentations are a bit blurry to me.

i realize no one believes me since i've always had a thing for glasses plus i eat so many carrots that i once turned orange (no joke).  however, i'll have you know that i had my eyes examined on friday and i DO, in fact, need glasses.  so there.

i've probably visited 25 different optical shops over the past few months, trying on all different styles of eyeglasses, but on friday i finally found the perfect pair: the Elizabeth & James "Spring" in Tortoise.  They are nerdy and hip all at once and i feel happy when i put them on.

my recent purchase inspired me to write this geek chic post.

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