INSPIRED show trends

last week i attended two menswear trade shows, project and appointment, to discover new brands and to keep an eye out for arising trends.  at these shows, I had the pleasure of meeting both lyndon from herschel supply co, who informed me that bloomingdales will soon carry their backpacks & emil from my favorite tie maker, the hill-side, who let me know that they're planning to open a hickorees store in BK in the very near future! yay!

here are some big trends in menswear that are happening right now and will continue through spring 2012:

colored nylon outerwear  (especially blue and red)
pull-over hooded outerwear
varsity jackets
colored denim (especially blue, red, and white)

1. colored nylon - creep by hiroshi awai  2. pull-over - feltraiger  3. varsity - brooklyn circus
4. backpack - hasso  5. backpack - hershel supply co  6. backpack - fjallraven
7. colored denim - american apparel  8. white denim - gap  9. colored denim - american apparel

also, a few trends to note in terms of silhouette: 
jackets and blazers that hit at the waist (short 3-button blazers)
ankle length pants

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