INSPIRED BuY...miss penny lane

penny lane is one of my favorite movie characters.  she's cool, confident, and casual.  her presence lights up a room.  she's a leader and a lover.  she's playful, charming, and mysterious.  she's the person you always want at your party because she's just looking for a drama-free good time.

in terms of style, penny always stands out from the crowd but never looks like she's trying too hard.  she's a 1970's groupie so her clothes have a bohemian vibe.  she always looks sexy, but never trashy and never too girly.

the spring 2011 runway shows were highly influenced by the 1970's: lots of pattern mixing, cropped tops, crochet fabrications, ultra flare jeans, etc.  with that said, if you want to be trend-right, watch "almost famous" and let miss penny lane inspire you this spring...

1. free people cropped top   2. urban outfitters chiffon blouse   3. urban outfitters denim shorts   4. gap ultra flare high waisted jeans   5. free people swim suit   6. wood & faulk carpenter's bag   7. madewell dress   8. vince suede skirt

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