INSPIRED BuY...sears?

backstory: my mom has a strange obsession with cleaning supplies.  she gets more excited about carpet steamers and swiffers than anyone i've ever met.  i guess the tv screen in my parents' living room got a little fingerprint-y, so she did some research and found a special cleaning product (sold at sears) that would take care of the fingerprint problem without ruining the screen.  i was home this weekend, and i have a very difficult time passing up a shopping trip, so i decided to join her (and my sister).

i honestly can't remember the last time i stepped foot in a sears.  as we were walking in, my sister and i started to act like brats, talking about how we'd NEVER be caught dead in any clothing from sears.  we were in for quite a surprise...

after picking up mom's tv cleaner, we headed towards the smoothie stand in the mall because i was STARVING.  we're about to walk out of sears, hiding our faces so no one would see that we were shopping in the store, and we stumbled upon the Lands' End Canvas department.

holy AMAZING.  seriously.  i TOTALLY forgot that i was hungry, and started grabbing every item of clothing in my size as if i were on supermarket sweep.  i think i brought 30 items into the dressing room, all of which i loved, fit perfectly, and seemed to be very good quality.

the brand is very much like polo or jcrew: preppy and classic but trend-right.  i love that they don't have their logo all over anything, and i love that they carry size XXS- it's very difficult for a "tiny guy" (as my sister calls me) to find nice, affordable clothing that fits without tailoring or shopping in the kids section.
I ended up getting 7 items (2 sweaters, 3 woven shirts, 2 knit shirts) for $145.00- amazing!

i HIGHLY recommend taking a trip to sears and checking out the Lands' End Canvas line.  and bring your significant other with you- their men's line is pretty awesome too.

shop here:

and here's how i wear it:

lands' end canvas coral tee; forever 21 shorts; h&m necklace; target sandals
lands' end canvas toggle sweatshirt; target tee; levis jeans; converse sneakers
lands' end canvas peach oxford; free people paisley skirt; gap belt; target nude pumps
lands' end canvas turtleneck; earnest sewn jeans; jcrew necklace; nine west leopard pumps
lands' end canvas check shirt; forever 21 jeans; fossil belt; miss sixty platform sandals
lands' end canvas (men's) sweater; madewell jean shorts; hue tights; steve madden boots

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