a few weeks ago, i took a trip to j.j. hat center in midtown manhattan to help the b.f. spend his christmas gift certificate on the perfect hat.  i didn't know what to expect, but i was pleasantly surprised with the experience.  

the store has a wide selection, but at the same time isn't overwhelming.  marc, the dapper store manager,  was extremely helpful in showing us hats that fit the b.f.'s style (this guy is good).  we had a lot of fun.  

after visiting j.j. hat center, i decided i want a hat for myself.  i think i need to ease my way into it, so instead of investing in a borsalino (although they are amazing), i think i'll start out with something a little less expensive, to see if i'll actually wear it for longer than a season.  
here are a few that i like (ranging from $18-$80):

madewell     free people     free people     jessica simpson     free people

a little inspiration from some stylish musicians:

st. vincent    lykke li    justin townes earle    stevie nicks

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