INSPIRED BuY...adventures in brooklyn

i love roaming around different neighborhoods of nyc- hitting up coffee shops and boutiques, grabbing a bite at a local eatery, and just learning the lay of the land.

after growing up 5 miles outside nyc and residing in hoboken for the past 3 years, i've learned a lot of the ins and outs of downtown manhattan.  i love it there, and there's always more to learn, but i needed something new.

my latest exploration project is brooklyn.  i know a little bit about bedford ave in williamsburg and smith street in carroll gardens, but that's about the extent of my BK knowledge.  from what i've seen so far, i really love it over there- i feel at home.  

here in hoboken i hop on the path in my army green jacket and beat up boots and look like a homeless person standing next to the "suits" aboard the train.  it's the complete opposite in brooklyn (at least in the areas i've been to).  the "suits" are the outsiders, and those wearing army green jackets are the norm.

i'm not saying that i'd like to be the "norm", however, it is nice to be surrounded by similar people with similar interests.

the main reason why i'm telling you about my recent desire to explore brooklyn: it's not so easy to get there from hoboken!  i don't have a car, and the walk --> path --> subway can take an hour, depending on what area i'm headed to.  SO, i've recently been eyeing up some cruiser bikes.  i could ride my bike to the path, head into manhattan, and ride straight over the brooklyn bridge!  i'm getting excited just thinking about it!  (i'm also slightly nervous, because i've had several close encounters with cars while crossing the street on foot,  so i'm not sure bike riding is the safest form of transportation for me...)

anyway, i've been shopping around for bikes which made me realize i also need a funky backpack to wear while traveling!  i came across the options below.  i sometimes forget that i'm not a "baller" and that i cannot afford the fanciest/prettiest things, but i am very happy with my less expensive finds at the bottom of the picture (although that $400 backpack is pretty sweet).

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  1. i want a bike JUST like that - - you see, they are $1350 on average . . . I make my way over across the water - but just so you know, a lot of 'us' billy-burg kids have money but like to look dirty . . . . . .and then ride bikes like this.

    Occasionally as I sit in the morning watching people - it pisses me off . . . then I get over it and adore my day ;-)

    Overall, your observations are spot on . . . .

    love love - k