INSPIRED BuY...a call to abolish the 'tweener (and new shoe suggestions for guys)

here's a little something for the male readers out there (or for those of you who are looking to spruce up your significant other's look).

as my friend meg always reminds me, your shoes say a lot about you.

i must admit, bad shoes on a dude =  major turn-off for me (sorry, i know it's superficial, but i'm just being honest).

what exactly do i mean by "bad shoes", you ask?

well, the number one worst guy shoe out there is something my friend debi calls "the 'tweener".  The 'tweener is the lovechild of a sneaker and a dress shoe (get it, in between a sneaker and a dress shoe).  These shoes were most likely purchased by the guy's mom when he graduated from college, in an attempt to make him look more sophisticated.  i need to clarify a few things for ya:

1. there is NOTHING sophisticated about 'tweeners.
2. it's time to grow up and buy your own shoes.
3. it's 100% fine to wear sneakers.  i actually love the look of a guy in a cool pair of sneaks.  sneakers are a great way for a guy to show his personal style.
4. if you're not a sneaker guy, there are lots of other options out there for you.

Here are the types of shoes/sneaks i'm loving for guys right now:
- simple red sneakers (vans, keds)
- colorblocking
- perforation
- bright colored soles
- white shoes
- grey shoes
- bucks (with wood bottoms)
- chukka boots

various sneaks

1. timberland x opening ceremony (colorblocking)
2. vans (simple red)
3. genetic surplus x obey (perforation)
4. vans vault (perforation, grey)

colored soles

1. frye    2. walk-over    3. frye    4. walk-over


*from left to right
1. band of outsiders  2. mark mcnairy  3. bed stu  4. j.crew  5. bstore  


*from left to right
1. cvb   2. toms  3. j.crew  4. band of outsiders + sperry  5. pointer  6. seavees

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