samantha pleet by wolverine

i love collaborations between new designers and old established brands, especially when their products are manufactured in the united states!

the samantha pleet x wolverine collection can be purchased at "in god we trust" (usa)

samantha pleet
brooklyn designer samantha pleet debuted her namesake collection in 2006, intertwining her favorite elements of the mysterious and fantastical with a sense of modernity.  each season, new and ancient ideas from music, art, history, and literature are transformed into pleet's silhouettes.  the clothing is made in new york city using organic materials whenever possible. (bio via bonadrag)

since 1883, generations of american workers have come to depend on wolverine boots for comfort and durability. established in rockford, michigan, wolverine made the original boots that helped build the railroads, erect skyscrapers, and expand highways across this great country. a historic mile marker for the brand took place in 1914, when wolverine introduced a footwear line called the 1000 mile boot, setting the standard for durable footwear.  wolverine has a number of boot styles that are made in the u.s.a. (bio via wolverine)

i first learned about samantha pleet after attending the "bring it to the people: pop up shop": a gathering of several new york independent fashion labels at a soho loft.  samantha pleet was selling pieces both from her own collection and from anthropologie line: treasure by samantha pleet.  i fell in love with the grey dress below (from the treasure line), but it was slightly too big.  samantha offered to tailor it for me (free of charge!) and ship it to my apartment.  i took her up on the offer and purchased the dress.  it's so versatile: i've worn it to an evening picnic in the park, a bridal shower, and next to a wedding!  her work is absolutely beautiful.

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