made collection

made collection is the first flash-sale website for US-made products.  their latest collection, "summer of love", is jam-packed with hippie chic accessories ranging from a hand made tote bag to a guerrilla gardening sling shot.  check below for some of my favorite pieces, and shop here. watch this to find out more about the made movement!


  1. I'm in need of really good denim jeans, preferably American made and affordable.. any suggestions??

  2. hi alex! it's kinda difficult to find american-made jeans under $100, but if you search for sales, it's do-able!

    certain (but not all) styles of Lucky Brand Jeans made here (just type in "made in usa womens jeans" in the search box on their site)

    you can also find sales on brands like Earnest Sewn (great for a classic straight leg) and Jbrand (great skinnies with a little stretch) quite often.

    Also, just for fun, check out the company called Imogene + Willie. they're quite expensive, but i just love everything they do!

    Lucky Brand:
    J brand:
    Earnest Sewn:
    Imogene + Willie