INSPIRED BuY...the early '90s

it's new york fashion week and the 1990s are BACK.  in full swing.

i'm talking:
1991-1993 grunge style with overalls, plaid shirts tied around the waist, and choker necklaces
1994 glamour with pant suits, bold shoulders, monochromatic dressing, longer silhouettes, and luxe fabrics

and...DUN DUN DUN the return of the fanny pack.

there are still a lot more shows to see over the next few days.  i'm eagerly awaiting the return of snap bracelets.  if i don't see them on the runway, i may attempt to bring them back myself.

i'll be posting a bunch of stuff for fashion week...starting with this collection of grunge looks:
1.richard chai 2.steven alan 3.nicholas k 4.nicholas k 5.vena cava

i think i'll go listen to nirvana now.

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