INSPIRED BuY...equestrianism

horseback riders always look so put together. leather riding boots, fitted pants, perfectly tailored get it. as much as i like to dress in floaty fabrics, i have a major appreciation for structured classic style. the key to mastering this style is all in the fit. a crisp white shirt shouldn't bunch when it's tucked it, a skirt should hit a couple of inches above the knee, pants should fit just right, and most importantly- the sleeves of your shirt or coat should hit about an inch past your wrist. if you're petite or tall, it's often difficult to find a shirt with the perfect sleeve length- that's where rolling comes into play. no one can tell how short/long your sleeves are once you roll them, so make rolling your best friend! (sidenote- banana republic makes an amazing white buttondown for petites)

ready to ride

shirt- girls polo
brown ribbed tights- hue
boots- vince camuto

little red rider

sweater jacket- free people
tee- target
jeans- earnest sewn
boots- vince camuto

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