INSPIRED BuY...dating in nyc

so i've been on a bunch of dates with a bunch of different types of guys here in nyc. good looking, not so good looking, interesting, not so interesting...you get it. one date sticks out in my mind (in a not-so-good way, but it inspired me to wear this outfit, so something good came out of it!). he was a very good looking guy. he asked me to grab drinks with him. i offered to pay for the first and he let me. we sat down at a table to chat, and it was like pulling teeth. i asked him a question. one word answer. no question back. t e r r i b l e. this continued for about thirty minutes. finally i finished my drink, excused myself, and got the heck out of there!

anyway. i found this wonderful shirt the other day when i was strolling through macy's. it's silky and white, and written on it in script (like a misbehaved child would write on the blackboard) it says: "I will not make any more boring conversation". If I ever see this dude again, I hope I'm wearing this shirt.

shirt- rachel rachel roy
pants- banana republic
shoes- miss sixty
bracelet- vintage

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