INSPIRED BuY...pleasantville

remember that film with toby maguire and reese witherspoon? it begins in black and white but makes a transformation into full color by the end...

it takes place in the 1950s and the transition from black and white to color reminds me of the transition from winter to spring. look around and you'll see some people wearing tights and dark colors and others who have made the change to flip flops and colorful sundresses; in nature, you'll see some naked trees and others in full bloom.

this dress is very 50's, and it's clear that i'm ready for spring (the 85 degree weather today helped). florals in general and mixing florals with harder pieces are trends that continue from spring 09. we've seen this on the spring 2010 runway from dolce and gabbana, rebecca taylor, ralph lauren and many others

floaty florals
dress- american rag
twill moto jacket- target
belt- vintage
sandals- steve madden

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